Have you thought of going up to Penang Hill on foot? If you do and you’re a 1st timer, it’ll probably take you 2 1/2 hours going up and another 2 hours coming down on the tarred road. that’s what I’ve experienced. Although you don’t have to be physically fit to reach the peak but […]

My Better 1/2

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Every Wife is a “Mistress” for her Husband. “Miss” for one hour & “Stress” for the other 23 hours! There are 2 times when a Man doesn’t understand a Woman. Before Marriage and After Marriage. My Wife And I Divorced Over Religious Differences. She Thought she Was God, and I Didn’t. Marriage Is Like A […]

Insurance Policy

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INSURANCE POLICY The husband of a pregnant wife was thinking of buying insurance for his unborn baby. So he asked Great Eastern and the agent said, “don’t worry man, we’ll provide insurance right FROM THE BASKET TO THE CASKET”. The man was impressed but thought that he should probably seek another opinion. He then approached […]

Let me tell you about my doctor. He’s very good! If you tell him you want a second opinion, He’ll go out and come in again. ~~~~~He treated one woman for yellow jaundice for three years Before he realized she was Chinese. ~~~~~ Another time, he gave a patient six months to live. At the […]

Finally, baby JE

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Here are some early pics of baby Jia Ern at 3.27kg adding to the latest bunch of us as a family, looks like WH, delivered like WH but it’s not WH:    

1/2 a Day in SJMC.

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Have you tried seeing 5 doctors on the same day? Well, I did. Try seeing a cardio, neuro, general op, gastro and last but not least opto. Oh, yes. It’s between 2nd, 3rd and 7th floor. Now, try starting at 9.00a.m. and complete by 12noon with 2 elderly, else they’ll get exhausted and becomes restless. […]

Globulin antibiotic

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A bottle of this cost RM400. Do the maths for 40 bottles and that’s what it takes to rehabilitate my mum’s nerve system virus attack. According to some articles which I’ve read, globulin treatment is finding ways into chronic sinusitis, immunotheraphy, …etc. Not only for GBS (Gullian Barre Syndrome), it is slowly showing up in […]

…JS got a special gift for me wrapped in designer ribbons and coloured in my favourite blue. Here are some pictures of her special birthday gift.      

No, not this bottle of whiskey! We’ve already wasted three quarter of Dewars after the new year countdown (although a portion of our bill goes down to the go-go dancers on the eve at BAR Celona) in March. Not the second bottle, though. Now, let’s see. May was the receipt, next month is due. Ok, […]

I have been on perscriptions for the past 1 week for fever, flu, cough and sore throat. Although I might not be showing any symptoms of dengue, but this does not make me worry as there are many red dots on my hands and legs. The last time I asked my doctor to confirm was […]

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