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The furthest north I have been on a road trip while studying in England was Edinburgh. We wanted to drive further north but after losing a day of having to leave our rented MPV at the workshop due to fuelling petrol instead of diesel, we had to cut short our traveling schedule. Traveling clothing on […]

Coming from a Baba Nyonya backgound, it is interesting to find out my history, were it all started and how far we have come. Our food, our culture and our language has been a harmony blend of local and home country influences. Traces of our diversity goes back to as early at the fifteenth century […]

I enjoy watching Discovery Channel and feast on National Geographic’s beautifully photographed subjects. “Everyday, there is something new to learn, unlearn and relearn.” Anon


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Borrowing money today without having to utter a single word is possible with the power of internet. Some people may called it an early advance, short term or early pocket money, but it simply means being in debt. Therefore, if you are in a bad credit credit situation or cannot get a bank loan, then […]

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show reveals many new and interesting concept cars. Held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, this will be Japan’s 40th exhibition. Many giant automotive companies are showcasing their latest design during the 2 weeks show. Sneak peak at some of the models here. Nissan GT-R cut body Mazda Ryuga

dD’s Top 7even October07′ Music Selection goes to: #1 Akon: Blame It On Me #2 Fergie: Big Girls Don’t Cry #3 Plain White T’s: Hey There Delaila #4 Amy Winehouse: Rehab #5 Marie Digby: Umbrella #6 James Blunt: 1973 #7 Gym Class Heroes: Cupid’s Chokehold

Same Day Cash

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It is amazing at the vast application of internet usage. From the late 1950s and early 1960s, most communication networks were limited by their nature to only allow communications between the stations on the network. This include central method, which simply allows its terminals to be connected via long leased lines as in Project RAND. […]

Surface Finishing

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Basically, there are 5 types of surface finishes. Surface finishes refers to the surface condition of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They are:

Very interesting slide moving towards 2008, a roadmap in 2005:

Move Me

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We have to start considering moving our furniture to our new house next year when it is scheduled to be ready. I am more concern about the amount of books that we have on our bookshelves. With the amount of money we have spend on either novels or the kids educational books, it is time […]

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