Team standing… 1 McLaren-Mercedes135 2 Ferrari134 3 BMW Sauber120 4 Renault51 5 Toyota46 6 STR-Ferrari31 7 Red Bull-Renault28 8 Williams-Toyota26 9 Honda14 10 Force India-Ferrari0 11 Super Aguri-Honda0 Drivers standing… 1 Lewis Hamilton84 2 Felipe Massa77 3 Robert Kubica64 4 Kimi Räikkönen57 5 Nick Heidfeld56 6 Heikki Kovalainen51 7 Fernando Alonso38 8 Sebastian Vettel27 9 […]

What a spectacular deal to have sealed a Formula 1 license in Singapore for the next 5 years without having to build a new race course for the 1st ever night race. The question is, how in the orld did the Singapore Tourism Board convinced F1 supremo Bernie Eccelestone to pen the contract down? Was […]

Get a receipt

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Be careful, if you have the habit of sending your car for car wash or similar matter (car jockey etc) while in shopping complex… Two weeks ago my nephew sent his Toyota Harrier for car wash in the car park of Bangsar Shopping Complex while he had an appointment there. He handed the car keys […]

The main threat to our local tobacco industry is opening up the market to AFTA. With no excise duty, countries with excess tobacco leaves growing infrastructure such as Indonesia, Vietnam and China, will ultimately dominate and flood our local market. Therefore, various governments around the world has introduced security prints as a precaution against counterfeits […]

After 916

September 17, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Getting very interesting every day .  Anwar’s Trojan horse The Real Judas | Sep 8, 08 5:25pm Anwar Ibrahim wants BN to think the defections before Sept 16 are going to come from Sabah and Sarawak. This explains the focus and frenzy surrounding MPs from East Malaysia. Their movements are being monitored, text messages have […]

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